My Story

Childhood gave inspiration for horse trailer bar

Growing up on a riding school in Lincolnshire,  I guess it was inevitable I would discover a love for horse riding. 

Despite forging a 20-year and counting career in the wedding industry, as a hairdresser and bridal hairstylist,  horses remained a huge part of my life.

By annually organising the Buckminster charity event and talking with lots brides while doing their hair I noticed a gap in the market for mobile bars locally. Outdoor wedding receptions, garden parties, village festivals - most of them struggled to find an efficient solution to accessible outdoor drinking.

I began to explore the possibility of revamping a catering trailer. But the magic wasn’t there and it seemed too small. With a boyfriend at 6’5, I didn’t want to give him any excuse not to help out! 

Inspired by memories of a rice trailer her family once owned, the concept began to fall into place. It suddenly seemed so obvious. Why not transform a perfect 1970s rice trailer into a vintage mobile bar? 

Remove all trace of horses. Prepare for new life.

After a lengthy search I found the perfect trailer in Hertfordshire.   

After dragging it all the way back and what seemed like never ending mechanical work, welding and removing all traces or horses, things started to take shape and the vision I had finally started to come together  

I chose to use recycled materials wherever possible to give a real rustic, vintage feel.

The trailer has full electrics to keep the modern fridges\freezer cool.

I've also had a few quirky equestrian twists fitted to keep the origin of the trailers past.

The finished Bar

Thank you to the people who made this possible - Big shout out to you and yes I know I owe you a few pints!

Big Jim - After lots of looks of confusion and eye rolling, his hard work and endless patience has created something even better than I ever imagined.

Its amazing what you can make from old pallets and corrugated tin sheets x

John the log (alias Henry Winterman)  for always having your door open and helping me find lots of treasures to bring my trailer to life x

Alex, Daisy and Rob for all the cups of tea, enthusiasm and support x

Toni - for encouraging me to follow my dream and believing in me.  Sadly she never saw the finished bar xx